CQ Soil Testing provides a range of services in Central Queensland and the Wide Bay Burnett region which extend well beyond on-site drilling. Whether you are involved in commercial or industrial development, building a new home, altering/extending your existing home or requiring a Wastewater/Sewerage Design for your unsewered property, our expert team can deliver services to meet both your needs and regulatory authorities’ requirements.


Building Site

Classification of sites to Australian Standards, QBCC and local government requirements for residential and industrial site classifications


Boreholes, test pits, hand
augers, dynamic cone
penetrometer testing


Sampling for


Atterberg limits, particle size distribution



Including shallow and deep

Slope Stability and Geotechnical Reports

Installation of groundwater monitoring wells


Sewerage and
Waste Water

Site analysis and reporting to
Local Government


Including boreholes, cone penetration tests, test pits, hand augers, dynamic
cone penetrometer testing and hand auguring will be performed by
experienced Geotechnicians.

CQ Soil Testing pride ourselves
in supplying independent
soil testing services

Our Rigs

Direct Push Technology

Direct push technology is well suited for a variety of civil engineering applications. The collection of vast quantities of subsurface data allows for a better project design. Continuous soil samples can be collected along the proposed route at designated locations placed at specific intervals. The soil samples are collected utilizing Geoprobe Systems’ Macro-Core Soil Sampler system, by advancing a steel sampling barrel equipped with expendable PVC liners. General soil classification and groundwater observations are provided. It can sample groundwater, soil and soil-gas in all granular and cohesive soils. The Geoprobe® tooling is the ideal tool for:

  • Initial rapid investigations/screens where little or no actual data is available
  • Determining the extent of known or suspected contaminant plumes
  • Determining the optimum location for permanent monitoring wells
  • In situ water sampling
  • Sampling in areas containing significant amounts of underground debris

Drillman GT10

Our new GT10 drilling rig is fitted to a LandCruiser 4×4 with Solid flight auger 10m, hollow flights augers to 12, SPT Testing and U50 undisturbed sampling. This rig caters perfectly to small domestic, industrial and commercial projects.

Monitoring Wells

Geoprobe® brand Dual Tube Sampling Systems are efficient methods of collecting continuous soil cores with the added benefit of a cased hole. Dual tube sampling uses two sets of probe rods to collect continuous soil cores. One set of rods is driven into the ground as an outer casing. These rods receive the driving force from the hammer and provide a sealed hole from which soil samples may be recovered without the threat of cross contamination. The second, smaller set of rods are placed inside the outer casing. The smaller rods hold a sample liner in place as the outer casing is driven one sampling interval. The small rods are then retracted to retrieve the filled liner. Geoprobe® Dual Tube Sampling Benefits Include:

  • Continuous coring for faster sampling in intervals over 6 m
  • Continuous coring in both saturated and unsaturated zones
  • Cased hole eliminates cross contamination
  • Optional solid drive tip seals system for driving to top of sampling interval or for split interval sampling
  • Perform bottom-up pressure grouting while retracting outer casing
  • Set monitoring wells through outer casing after collection of soil core
  • Expendable cutting shoes available
  • Monitoring Wells

CQ Soil Testing pride ourselves in supplying
independent soil testing services.

Now Soil testing in Mackay and regions.